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Happy ‘Handmade dog beds, dog toys, dog car seats & more, ‘Dog accessories for all dog breeds & sizes

always find time for your dog who makes you feel happy to be alive scaled

“The essential relation to creativity is not to be afraid of being special. Be your own creative & dare your colours. We can do a lot but not ‘monotonous’, the others can do that better. Among other things, we offer you individual, unique pieces that all deserve the title ‘diverse’. Be inspired & shop yourself happy, poodle happy!”

»love it, drop it, shop it!« original dog items created by Shary Reeves


Large number of handmade products

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Various dog car seats

Here you will find various dog car seats with seat belt function, comfortable & reusable. Whether in a hotel, camper or restaurant, for example. When travelling, the dog car seat can also be used as a resting place or travel bed. Admittedly, it has a bit of a ‘make a wish’ feel to it. We have tried to combine colours so that there is a colour for everyone.

Maybe you have a specific colour look in mind, then let us advise you and send us an e-mail in advance with all your wishes.


Collars, leads & Co.

Our collars and leads can also be customised,
be produced. Depending on the materials available. Sometimes also after special requests. Just like all the other products in the store.


Dog baskets, sleeping cushions

We attach great importance to the fact that our products,
cannot be mass-produced. Preferably unique, which of course is not possible with all products.

Spielzeug Chewy

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Shop Now

created by Shary Reeves

Handmade dog car seats designed & exclusively selected

created by Shary Reeves

Handmade dog baskets & cushions, designed & exclusively selected

Designed & Handmade by Shary Reeves

Handmade dog baskets and cushions, designed and exclusively selected

Tell us your special requests…

We’ll tell you what’s possible!


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up to 50% off sale!

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